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Tue Jan 25 15:43:33 EST 2000

The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections has run a 
number of studies on this perennial problem:  "permanent ink" felt tip/roller 
ball pens, laser/photocopiers, etc.  

The Canadian Museum of Nature has been slowly working through a 
20(30?) year old supply of the original "Resistal" paper (with its 
formaldehyde stabilizer).  We have gone through a large number of 
photocopiers (government supply) and HP laser printers.  Some of each 
worked, some didn't.  

Critical factors were identified as ink composition (pigment vs carbon), 
paper type, and heat/pressure of the printer.  Unfortunately, printers and 
photocopiers are evolving almost as fast as computers, and the old stand-
by inks of yesteryear keep disappearing and changing formula (remember 
the wonderful of Pelican No. 50 special black?).   

If you find something that works, hang onto it as long as possible and stock 
up with supplies.  Ink, whether for pens, ink-jets or lasers, has a limited 
shelf life.  I agree with Dieter, write down the catalogue number in a more 
permanent medium, ink or pencil.  

Nothing worse than a blank label.

Judy Fournier
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