Help with specimens for phylogeny

Jan Zrzavy zrzavy at
Tue Jan 25 15:43:31 EST 2000

Dear colleagues,

I'm not a polychaetologist but I'm very interested in "higher" phylogeny of 
the Metazoa (e.g. Zrzavy et al., 1998: Phylogeny of the Metazoa based on 
morphological and 18S rDNA evidence. Cladistics 14: 249-285). At 
present, few animal higher taxa are not represented by any DNA 
sequence. They include Lobatocerebrum psammicola, Jennaria pulchra, 
many other "archiannelids", and some peculiar polychaetes, for instance 
the spintherids. (And, of course, the Loricifera.) Are you able to provide 
me alcohol-preserved specimens of these taxa, or inform me who I should 
ask for them? If you can help, please, contact me.  

Best wishes.

Jan Zrzavy
Dept. Zoology
Branisovska 31
370 05 Ceske Budejovice
Czech Republic
zrzavy at

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