Page proofs from 1998 conference

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Wed Jan 26 22:24:20 EST 2000

I heard from the editor of the Bulletin of Marine Science that the polychaete 
issue for the Brazil polychaete conference is scheduled to be printed in vol 
67, no. 1 due out July 2000.  Page proofs will be mailed out by Allen Press 
in May 2000.  Some proofs may be mailed out in April 2000.  It is important 
that you take only 3 days to check for errors etc.  To speed the process, 
corrections can be emailed to San Snedaker at 
ssnedaker at or FAXed to 1-305-361-4600.  The signed 
copy can be sent by regular mail.  A reprint order will be included with the 
page proofs.  Payment must be received before printing date.  No free 
reprints are given.  The editor will be sending me a complete set of the 
page proofs and in event there is no return, I will check such proofs.  
However, I will not make any order for reprints.  In event that you should be 
away during this time, either have someone take care of reading the proofs 
or indicate to me to read them.  

The abstracts of papers presented will be scattered throughout the issue in 
order to save money.  Some will probably appear at the end.

Don Reish, Guest Editor.
DJReish at

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