Serpulida assemblages.

Hallvard Haanæs hallvard at
Thu Jan 27 16:02:50 EST 2000

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with references about Serpulid 
assemblages (associate species); both qualitative and quantitative 
descriptions, methods used and occurences especially in temperate areas. 
Assemblages on hard substrate are especially interesting. I am aware of 
the works of Haines,J.L. and Maurer,D. on the Hydroides dianthus 
assemblage and the Serpula narconensis assemblage of Antarctica 
described by Bosence and ten Hove. There are also some french and 
Italian works (Vaninni fx), do anybody know if these are available 
translated? Other works on structural complex substrates and their fauna 
are also very welcome.  

In advance thanks a lot.

With best regards Hallvard Haanæs
Hallvard Haanaes
hallvard at
Institutt for Akvatiske Ressurser og Miljøfag
rom C-206, tlf: 7764 6063
Norges Fiskeri Høgskole
Universitetet i Tromsø                               

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