Serpulida assemblages.

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I just realized that the message below was intended for the entire list, but it
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I am sorry about it.

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Dear Nikki and everyone,

You should be aware that the name Serpula vermicularis Linnaeus, 1767 
has been used for all larger representatives of the genus from all over the 
world. Recent work has shown that S. vermicularis  is a complex of 
species (ten Hove & Jansen-Jacobs 1984, Kupriyanova 1999), and the 
species S. vermicularis (sensu stricto) most probably only occurs in the 
North Atlantic and Mediterranean. That is, any research conducted using 
a Serpula population at Woods Hole most certainly WAS not conducted 
on S. vermicularis.  

Oddly enough, apparently there is no detailed description of larval 
development of S. vermicularis s. stricto (from Europe). I know that 
because  I have been recently working (with E. Nishi, H. ten Hove and A. 
Rzhavsky) on a manuscript reviewing life history in serpulids and 
spirorbids. Since I mentioned that, I would like to repeat my earlier 
request to the list and solicit any unpublished info/observations on 
serpulid reproduction & development for the review. Any donations will be 
highly appreciated and acknowledged in the paper :).  I would be happy 
to provide a progress report on the manuscript for those who might be 


Nicola Diane Chapman wrote:

> In the same 'stream' as Hallvard, I am actually undertaking research on
> one particular serpulid assemblage, S.vermicularis.I have trawled through
> all the current literature, however I am lacking a detailed desciption of the
> morphology of planktonic and settlement stages of S.vermicularis larvae. I
> am aware that some research was done at Woods Hole.
> Any pointers in the right direction would be of great help.

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