Uninominals and parts - A farewell to species

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.cri.nz
Mon Jan 31 17:55:52 EST 2000

As Fred Pleijel's just-published procedure for practical implementation of 
phylogenetic taxonomy has been noticed over on Taxacom we might as well 
continue/start considering it quietly, and (hopefully) discuss it publicly as 

Pleijel, Fredrik. 1999. Phylogenetic Taxonomy, a Farewell to Species, and 
a Revision of Heteropodarke (Hesionidae, Polychaeta, Annelida). -- 
Systematic biology, 48(4):755-789  

[The title has all the taxon names  italicised]

Abstract: Cladistic relationships between 7 parts of the hesionid polychaete 
group Heteropodarke are assessed in a parsimony analysis based on 34 
morphological characters. Taxon names are defined by apomorphy-based 
phylogenetic definitions, without reference to Linnean ranks or types. 
Species entities are omitted and denied any role in taxonomy; taxon names 
refer to rnonophyletic groups only. Linnean binomial species names are 
not employed, and all taxa are assigned uninomials. Previously known parts 
of Heteropodarke (Africana Hartmann-Schrvder, 1974; Formalis, Perkins, 
1984; Heteromorpha Hartmann-Schrvder, 1962; Lyonsi Perkins, 1984; 
Xiamenensis Ding, Wu, and Westheide, 1997) are reexamined, and 
Bidentata, new taxon, and "Zmyrina" (informal name) are described from 
Papua New Guinea and Belize, respectively. The new taxon Crassichaetae 
is named for a subgroup of Heteropodarke, which is diagnosed by 
enlarged, anteriorly situated falcigers, and includes Africana, 
Heteromorpha, Lyonsi, and Xiamenensis. Within this group Africana and 
Heteromorpha are treated as taxa inquirendae   

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