Vertical movement patterns of earthworms?

Steven Levine slevine at
Thu Jul 20 20:05:07 EST 2000

General question to all:

This question is open to anyone with information concerning the daily 
vertical movements of earthworms.  Specifically I am interested in how long 
an individual may spend in e.g., 0-5 cm from the surface, 5-10 cm from the 
surface, 10-15 cm from the surface.  I am aware that moisture, 
temperature, food resources all play a factor in the vertical distribution, 
however, are there any studies which examined this and present a 
quantifed data under defined experimental conditions?  If studies can not 
be found in the primary literature, how about generalized comments in the 
literature and earthworm biology books?  The purpose of these questions is 
to assess how daily vertical movements may influence exposure to 
potentially harmful chemicals (pesticides) which are highest in soil close to 
the surface.  Any comments are appreciated.  

Thanks in advance for your help

Steve Levine

Department of Veterinary Science
Penn State University
University Park, 16802

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