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Dear Geoff,

In a hurry.

 From memory there are five species which have some resemblance to 
what you show:  

1) H. bispinosus Bush, 1910 (Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico)

2) H. cruciger Moerch, 1863 (Lower California to N. Chile)

3) H. heterocerus (Grube, 1868) (Malagasy, Red Sea, Sri Lanka, ? New

Caledonia, imported in Mediterranean

4) H. homoceros Pixell, 1913 (Maldives to Iranian Gulf, imported in


5) H. stoichadon Zibrowius, 1971 (Mediterranean).

I then checked my notes/files for more and for unpublished species, but 
could not find more, although I have the feeling that I have seen your thing 
before. I finally checked the two new Indonesian species I have collected, 
without notes yet, different.  

We are faced with a problem, biogeographically none of the five species 
would fit the bill. 3 and 4 differ from your specimen by their funnel radii, 
which have blunt to crescent-shaped tips apart from the fact that 3) has 
one otherwise shaped verticil spine, and verticil spines in 4 are generally 
more elegant, less squat. 5) generally has "abraded knees" in the verticil 
spines. The most similar are 1 and 2), but 1) has rounded funnel radii and 
2) generally has a bilaterally symmetrical verticil, with distincly longer 
dorsal spines, moreover, not as sharply incurving.  

In short, I think you have something new.

<color><param>0000,0000,FF00</param>>Dear Annelida listers,


>If you think you know your Hydroides species take a look at the url below

>and see what you think this one is. The tube was coiled.




>The (small) images are not exactly fantastically crisp but hopefully better

>than none! There's a brief description too.


>Thanks for any suggestions,


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