Hydroides in Egypt

Geoff Read g.read at niwa.cri.nz
Sun Oct 22 16:11:40 EST 2000

If anyone can help Gamal M. ElShabrawy with identification of a possible 
introduced Hydroides polychaete, and is willing to look at specimens 
please contact him directly at <d.elshabrawy at lycos.com>  

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Dear Dr.Read Thanks for your interest.This species belong to Hydroides 
I recorded it for the first time in lake Qarun (saline closed lake in Egypt) 
just in 1999. 40 million mullet fry were annually introduce to the lake from 
region closed to Mediternean.The Hydroides sp may be wrongly 
introduced with this mullet fry. Best regard Gamal   

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Geoff Read <g.read at niwa.cri.nz>

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