Myxicola infundibulum

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Re obtaining Myxicola infundibulum

What was keying out to Myxicola infundibulum in 1970, and was at least a 
species of this genus, was present intertidally (at low tides) in the outer Bay 
of Fundy in 1970. Phyllis Knight-Jones or Tom Perkins could probably tell 
you if the North American worms are now referred to something else.  

21 July 1970: South of East Ferry, Digby Neck, NS, several large specimens
were common in thick mucous tubes in muddy sand with shell fragments
underneath Mytilus edulis, in the Fucus serratus-Laminaria zone. Specimens
also occurred between large boulders, under (for the most part) a carpet of
Mytilus, which latter was easily removed by hand. The color in life was drab
brown, tentacle crown slightly greenish, with some indication of fluorescein
when animals were preserved. -- Specimens identified (by me) as this from
Lithothamnion collected by the Marine Science Research Institute at Logy
Bay, Newfoundland had deep reddish gill filaments.

(What appeared to be a peculiar feature of these worms was that in two
cases, the polyethylene lids to the jars with Myxicola infundibulum in
alcohol cracked - shattered - on jars with these worms but not on ones with
others. I do not know if this was pure coincidence or had something to do
with the chemistry of the worms.)

If you have habitats similar to the above closer to your location, you may
be able to find some. Otherwise it might be possible to order them, perhaps
from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole - check their web pages
for details. They ship live Chaetopterus, so Myxicola should be possible

You may need to keep the worms in glass or other tubes to keep them happy. 

Good luck with your project!

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Hello - we are interested in working with Myxicola infundibulum because of
its large axon size.  More specifically we want to place a microeletrical
device inside the axon.  Any information anyone might have about obtaining
theses creatures, maintaining them, and even operating on them would be
greatly appreciated.  

Thank you for your time

Dr. Ann Boyonoski
Algoma University College
Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada
<a-n.boyonoski at>

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