Myxicola infundibulum

Geoff Read at
Wed Oct 25 17:37:57 EST 2000

> we are interested in working with Myxicola infundibulum [...] Any
> information anyone might have about  obtaining theses creatures,
> maintaining them, and even operating on them would be greatly
> appreciated. 

There is an enormous literature on Myxicola infundibulum as you are 
probably aware. Somewhere in that is bound to be the information  needed. 
If a search has not yet been done if requested I will forward a cite list.

I wonder also if one of those old invertebrate lab technique books such as 
Costello et al (1957) might be useful to look at. There's an online version at:  

Also perhaps see: Galtsoff, P. S., F. E. Lutz, P. S. Welch, & J. G. 
Needham. 1959 (1937). Culture methods for invertebrate animals, A 
Compendium [etc]. reprint ed. Dover, New York.   

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