Annelid mortality related to pesticide use Info

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ECOTOX, the U. S. EPA toxicology database, might be helpful to 
you.  The address is:

Terrestrial and aquatic data from the primary literature were abstracted 
for this site, and are available by using simple queries.  In your case, 
you could do a quick search on lumbricus or eisenia etc. or put in a CAS 
number for a pesticide.  We've been accumulating a lot of metals data for 
earthworms, but there's also pesticide information.  


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> Our firm is a business development company.  We are seeking information 
> regarding the damage done to earthworm populations of commercial 
> farmland by to use of pesticides.  Have annelid populations been reduced 
> by heavy uses of pesticides?  We would appreciate any direction or 
> assistance.  

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