Clitellates and Nereids

Abe Montejo abe_montejo at
Thu Sep 21 21:12:56 EST 2000

hi folks,

Anybody working on clitellates? i need a taxonomic key to identify a worm i 
ran into. it looks like the common earthworm, however i got it in a 
freshwater habitat. the worm is described as follows: body length ranging 
from 45-60 mm; number of segments range from 80-105; length of each 
segment is 0.56 mm; clitellum which range from 1.5 to 3.0 mm in length is 
present between the 12th-14th segments of mature individuals. i collected it 
in a riffle area whose substrate is composed mainly of sand and fine 
sediments. i also need to know the reference/source/citations of the 

Anybody working on nereids? i also ran into one of them. All i need is a 
description of the Family Nereidae including its morphology, niche and 
feeding habits. pls also include the sources/references/citations of such 

If it's not too much to ask, i need the information the soonest time possible. 
Thank you and more power!  

Respectfully yours,

Abe Montejo
<abe_montejo at>

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