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Tue Apr 10 05:23:46 EST 2001

Hi anneliders,

I am the author of the paper announced no less than twice in the toc-alert 
from the journal Zoologisher Anzeiger. The mistake is corrected now and 
the contents of this volume of Zoologischer anzeiger can be found on the 
website  Besides the 
correct title, I have here enclosed the abstract:  

WORSAAE, K.: The Systematic Significance of Palp Morphology in the 
Polydora Complex (Polychaeta: Spionidae). Zoologischer Anzeiger 240 
(1): 45-58. Abstract. The palp morphology of Dipolydora coeca, D. 
quadrilobata, Polydora ciliata, P. cornuta and Pseudopolydora pulchra 
were studied with light and scanning electron microscope. Two new palp 
characters were found on the two species of Dipolydora: randomly 
scattered motile cirri and glandular holes. The palp morphology of the 
investigated species is compared with earlier reports on other members 
of the Polydora complex. Congeneric palp similarities are found in 
Polydora and Dipolydora. A single exception is the aberrant Dipolydora 
commensalis, which has a distinctive palp morphology not found in any 
other spionid. The palp morphology of the two closely related genera 
Dipolydora and Polydora is significantly different, which supports the 
validity of the recently resurrected genus Dipolydora. Comparative 
studies indicate that the palp morphology of Pseudopolydora pulchra 
closely resembles that of Dipolydora. The recently studied palp 
morphology of Boccardia polybranchia has many similarities with that of 

Keywords. Palp morphology, scanning electron microscopy, ciliary groups,
Boccardia, Dipolydora, Polydora, Pseudopolydora.

I have recently begun a Ph.D. study with the title "Revision and 
phylogeny of Nerillidae, the last Archiannelid family" - however on the 
polychaete conference this summer I will give a talk on some of my 
results from my masters about  the palp morphology of Prionospio- and 
other spionids. I hope to meet you all there.  

Spring greetings from  

Katrine Worsaae
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

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