Sternaspis help Wanted

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Mon Apr 16 20:14:57 EST 2001


Can anyone out there help this person - David Edmonds,   e-mail  
wdedmonds at  - I know him not, nor where he lives/works. 

Ed Cutler  


I found your name .... as the result of a HotBot seach for the name 
Sternaspis, which turns out to be a polychaete worm not a sipunculid. 
Evidently, a species of Sipuncula was described as a Sternaspis at one 
time. I work with beetles and I am trying to obtain the citation where the 
polychaete genus Sternaspis Otto was originally described. Otto's name is 
a senior homonym of Sternaspis Hope 1837, the valid name of which is 
Oxysternon Laporte 1940. I am revising Oxysternon, and I need to mind all 
my nomenclatoral p's and q's.   

If you can, would you be so kind as to direct me to a polychaete specialist 
with whom I can consult on this bibliographic detail? Or, it could be that 
you have appropriate reference material to answer my query directly. In 
either case, I would very much appreciate your help.

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