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Sternaspis scutata (Renier, 1807) - a strange polychaete well known in the 
Mediterranean. It may well have been grouped in ancient times with 
Gephyrea (various "worms"). A first, uncritical look at Hartman's (1959) 
polychate catalogue and Hartman's (1951) polychaete literature compilation 
(which are not free of errors) indicates that it was first described as 
Echinorhynchus scutatus Renier and then became the type species of the 
genus Sternaspis Otto, 1821 (page 619 of Otto's paper), as Sternaspis 
thalassemoides Otto, 1821 (synonymous).  

Otto A.G., 1821. Animalium maritimorum nondum editorum genera duo. 
Nova acta Phys.-Med. Acad. Leop.-Carol., Verh. Naturforsch., vol. 10.2, 
pp. 618-634. 

(journal published in Germany) 

Hartman O., l95l. Literature of the Polychaetous Annelids. Vol. I. 
Bibliography. Allan Hancock Foundation, University of Southern California, 
Los Angeles. Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan. 290 p. 

Hartman O., 1959-1965. Catalogue of the polychaetous annelids of the 
world. Part I. (i-vi, 1-353; 1959); Part II (i-v, 355-628; 1959); Supplement 
1960-1965 and index (1-197, 1965). Allan Hancock Foundation 
publications, occasional paper 23. 
University of Southern California Press, Los Angeles. 

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