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Wed Feb 7 04:56:50 EST 2001

Subject:        	Dorvilleids and Organic Enrichment
Date sent:      	Wed, 7 Feb 2001 09:48:18 -0000


In Scottish waters we regard Ophryotrocha hartmanni Huth,1933 as an
indicator of organic enrichment around sublittoral municipal sewage
discharges.  At some highly polluted sites it has attained densities of
up to 200,000 per square metre!  It has always puzzled me as it has well
developed jaws and does not seem likely to be a particulate feeder? I
would be interested if anyone could enlighten me as to what exactly it
might be consuming.

Myles O'Reilly

<Myles.OReilly at>
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
West Region
5 Redwood Crescent
Peel Park
East Kilbride
Glasgow G74 5PP


I've recently encountered a 'Capitella' like aggregation of Dorvilleids, 
possibly in response to organic enrichment.  I was wondering if anybody 
on the list has encountered similar aggregations or knows of any 
references to similar situations.  



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