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Fri Feb 9 02:56:59 EST 2001

Replying to the contributions by N.D.Chapman and Thomas Dahlgren about
ghost paper droppings somewhere on the web:

Being still familiar with printed stuff in librairies, I happen to be able to 
provide some complementary information concerning that Sabellid, 
perhaps the information searched for:  

Patti F.P., Gambi M.C., 1998. Relationships between different populations 
of Sabella spallanzani (Gmelin) (Polychaeta Sabellidae): comparison of 
genetic descriptors and techniques. In: Cristofolini G., Minelli (ed.), Atti 1° 
colloquio nazionale si sistematica cladistica, Verona, 6-7 febbraio 1998.  
Memorie del Museo civico di storia naturale di Verona, Ser. 2, Sezione
della vita, 13: 53-56.

(maybe I should add: Verona is a town in northern Italy known by a story 
of a certain Shakespeare who did not yet use web publishing)  

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