Patti & Gambi reference

Geoff Read at
Fri Feb 9 03:28:15 EST 2001

> Replying to the contributions by N.D.Chapman and Thomas Dahlgren about
> ghost paper droppings somewhere on the web:

This is turning into something of a cautionary tale :-). Well-spotted T. 

A. Grant can speak about the status of his paper if he wishes. It's still listed 
as submitted on his web page. The Patti and Gambi is just possibly still to 
come since the ncbi submission appears to be late 1999. Whereas the 
1998 paper cited by Helmut may be approx the same as apparently 
presented as a poster to the IPC6 in Brazil. For an idea of the content the 
IPC6 abstract is on the web at Annelid Resources at the url below.

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