Capabilities of hull-fouling polychaete larvae

Oliver Floerl Oliver.Floerl at
Wed Feb 14 21:58:07 EST 2001

Dear Annelidians,

I am not an actual member of the group (yet) but, following Geoff's advice, 
would like to send an email to this list to ask for some information.  

I am carrying out a PhD on hull fouling on recreational vessels and, as you 
might have guessed, commonly encounter tubiculous polychaetes as a 
major component of both vessel hull and port/marina resident assemblages. 
For a paper I am currently working on (based on hydrographic models, 
adult abundances, and recruitment data) I require information on the 
following aspects of in particular Hydroides sp. and Ficopomatus sp.(and 
related taxa), as well as tropical sabellids:  

(1) the mode of reproduction 

(2) the larval strategy and duration of the larval phase (if available, 
information on observed dispersal distances would be great)  

(3) the swimming capacity of the larvae

(4) salinity tolerances of both larvae and adults

Any literature hints would be most appreciated and, especially for old 
papers that are difficult to get hold of, any reprints you can send would be 
most appreciated (please find my address at the bottom of this email). 
Personal communication would be just as great, too.  

Well, I hope I will receive some responses, thank you for your efforts.


Oliver Floerl
Tropical Environment Studies
James Cook University
QLD 4811

ph:  +61 (0)7 4781 6941 (o)
       +61 (0)7 4758 1483 (h)

fax: +61 (0)7 4781 4020
email: oliver.floerl at

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