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Dear Annelidans,

Some time ago, Geoff Read asked me to list the contents of my CD ROM on the
native earthworms (Megascolecidae, Megascolecinae) of Australia (to
December 2000). Details, followed by the list of contents are given below.
Yours sincerely,
Barrie Jamieson

This CD ROM electronic book, of more than 2500 screen pages, describes 45
genera and 404 species of  native Australian earthworms of the family
Megascolecidae, subfamily Megascolecinae (Oligochaeta). There  is an
extensive introduction to anatomy, biology, oligochaete classification,
molecular phylogeny and zoogeography which is of value to  students of the
Oligochaeta worldwide.  Almost all species are illustrated, except where
permission  to reproduce illustrations was not obtained.

Enquiries as to how to purchase may be directed to the publishers, Science
Publishers, Inc., Enfield, New Hamphire, U.S.A. (see below) or to the
author (B.G.M. Jamieson) at this website or email address.

PDF Document for PC or Mac

Native Earthworms of Australia
(Megascolecidae, Megascolecinae)
B. G. M. Jamieson B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Department of Zoology and Entomology
University of Queensland
Queensland 4072, Australia

Post Office Box 699
Enfield, New Hampshire 03748
United States of America

Internet site:
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© 2000, Barrie Jamieson
(Published 11 December 2000)

ISBN 1-57808-161-0
Price USA $ 54.00. Australian $ 99.00

All rights reserved.

Author's Preface
Museums represented in this monograph
Genera and species included in this monograph
Checklist of Australian genera of Megascolecinae
1. Definition of the Euclitellata
2.  Definition and General Description of the Class Oligochaeta
3.  A brief history of the discovery of Australian megascolecid earthworms
4.  Megascolecid morphology and anatomy
EXTERNAL CHARACTERISTICS: Body form - Colour - Prostomium - Dorsal pores -
Setae - The clitellum - Male pores and accessory markings - Female pores -
Spermathecal pores - Body wall.
INTERNAL ANATOMY AND FUNCTION: Coelom -Coelomocytes and Haemocytes. -
Locomotion - Feeding and digestive system: Buccal cavity and pharynx -
Oesophagus - Calciferous glands - Circulatory System - Respiration -
Excretion - The Coelom, continued - Sense organs and nervous system.
Photoreceptors. Other sensory cells - Reproduction - Prostate and other
glands and bursae associated with the male ducts - Spermathecae -
Spermatozoa. - Embryology and development.
5. Natural history. Life History - Ecology - Rainfall and distribution -
Population size - Diet - Parasites - Mutualism - Behaviour.
6. Phylogeny and Classification of the Oligochaeta - Monophyly versus
paraphyly of the Oligochaeta - Morphological phylogeny and classification
of the Oligochaeta sensu stricto - Molecular Phylogeny.
7. Zoogeography - General: Aquamegadrili - Terrimegadrili - Lumbricoidea -
Megascolecoidea, Megascolecidae.
Distribution of the genera of the Australian Megascolecidae - Holonephric
Megascolecinae  Meronephric genera - Advanced meronephry 1 - Multiple
preseptal nephrostomes - 2. Intrasegmental nephrostomes - Regional
Comparison with Australia (A Summary) - Checklist of Australian Genera of
8. Taxonomic section - Subfamily Megascolecinae - Distribution - Remarks -
Key to the genera of indigenous Australian earthworms - Simplified key to
the genera of indigenous Australian earthworms - Descriptions of genera and
 9. Glossary of terms used in taxonomic descriptions

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