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Subject:        	Meiofauna Marina: Call for Papers

Dear Meiofauna-Researchers,

We are announcing a new journal, Meiofauna Marina. It continues the 
journal Microfauna Marina (Vol. 1-11, 1984- 1997) and invites papers on all 
aspects of permanent or temporary marine meiofauna, especially those 
dealing with their taxonomy, biogeography, ecology, morphology and 
ultrastructure. It also extends to brackish water meiofauna. Manuscripts on 
the evolution of marine meiofauna are also welcome. Publication of larger 
reviews or special volumes are possible, but need to be requested for. 
Meiofauna Marina will be published once a year. All contributions undergo 
a thorough process of peer-review. Editor in chief is Prof. Dr. Thomas 
Bartolomaeus, managing editor is Dr. Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa (both 
University of Bielefeld, Germany).  

For detailled information, such as the international editorial board and the 
instructions for the authors, please refer to the web page of the journal:  


(Please note: soon the address will be changed to 
{ HYPERLINK "http://www.meiofauna.de" }www.meiofauna.de).

The first issue of Meiofauna Marina is planned for December 2001! Please 
submit manuscripts as soon as possible. We are looking forward to receive 
your contributions.  

Best wishes,
Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa and Thomas Bartolomaeus
Editors of Meiofauna Marina
<a.schmidt-rhaesa at biologie.uni-bielefeld.de>

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