Macrofauna separation technologies

Les Watling watling at
Thu Jul 26 16:39:07 EST 2001

As most or all users of this list are undoubtedly aware, chemicals such as 
Ludox have been used for years to separate meiofauna from marine and 
estuarine sediments.  In fact, I found a dozen or so references wherein 
Ludox was used to extract nematodes and small crustaceans from forest 
soils.  I would like to know whether anyone has used Ludox or similar 
silicate sols to extract larger, i.e., small macrofauna-sized, worms from 
sands and gravel.  In an early version of Holme and McIntyre's book on 
methods for the study of marine benthos there is also a reference to the 
use of trichloroethylene.  Has anyone tried that or similar compounds? 
Ideas on this subject would be greatly appreciated.  I have a small project 
where we will be sampling with a grab sampler in sand and gravelly sand 


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