The coast of Iceland

Geoff Read at
Fri Jul 27 02:43:44 EST 2001

Hello Reykjavik returnees,

Some of you were wondering what was within the wrapping. 

The coast of Iceland. By  Guðmundur Páll Ólafsson, 1998. Published by Mál og 
menning, Reykjavik. (originally published in Icelandic, 1995).

Wow!!!! This is a magnificent book, covering everything imaginable about 
the Icelandic coast, and with great scholarship in the text. I love beautiful 
books and this is certainly one. And those who have seen it have been 
mightily impressed. I don't know how available it is elsewhere around the 
world but it ranks up in the top notch of publishing achievements in my 
view. I'm really delighted to have it - so thank you Danny E-J, the 
committee, & everybody involved.  It was completely unexpected :-)  :-)   

Thanks folks,


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