Macrofauna separation technologies

Tom Parker tparker at
Fri Jul 27 18:30:55 EST 2001


I suspect the use of trichloroetheylene would no longer be 
suitable....possibly similar compounds as well.  This material has been 
identified as a "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen" in the 
9th Report on Carcinogens from the National Toxicology Program of U.S. 
Public Health Dept.  

It is also regulated for use and mis-use under Clean Air Act, Clean Water 
Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, RCRA, (Superfund), workplace/employee 
safety under OSHA, and is variously identified as a  "priority pollutant".  
The methods needed to properly use, handle, and recover 
trichloroetheylene would probably slow down the processing of any 
sediment samples!  

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Tom Parker
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