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Geoff Read at
Tue Jul 31 21:07:16 EST 2001

Gidday Annelida members,

I need to trouble you with some administrivia.

1) Annelid Resources site. Unfortunately, the machine 
which, by courtesy of Julian Humphries, carries the Annelid Resources 
pages (aliased as, and also the Delta taxonomy software 
site, went OFFLINE some days ago. Resuscitation is being attempted by its 
owner. Should this be ultimately unsuccessful another home will be rapidly 
found for the Annelid pages. You will always be able to find it as the simple 
URL  I'll keep you posted on developments.  

2) Attachments in emails sent to me or to the Annelida list. These days 
these are often spam or virii. I simply delete attached files I haven't been 
expecting without opening them UNLESS it is abundantly clear from the 
subject line that they are intended for me personally and relate to worm 
research. If your local network managers don't offer similar advice to you 
I'd be surprised. Attached files will not be sent to the list - if necessary I will 
put them on the web somewhere where they can be picked up.     

3) Reply editing. I would appreciate it if previous messages are not 
unnecessarily quoted in full  in replies to Annelida list. While it may be 
quick and easy to NOT edit down the message one is replying to, it simply 
means I have to do it for you.  Those unfortunates who appear to have no 
control at all over the portion of their emails that they don't type themselves 
(including the previous message, the 'hotmail' adverts, and the corporate 
legal disclaimers) have my full sympathy. I will thus delete such extraneous 
verbiage for them when deemed appropriate. Excessively long 'signatures' I 
also view with a jaundiced eye, but mostly tolerate. Nevertheless, I doubt I 
really need to know all your phone and fax numbers and postal detail in a 
routine list mail. I, & everybody else, do need your preferred e-mail 
address however. Don't miss that out. Most email programs should allow 
you to create a different brief signature for use in lists.    

4) Reply to the list. There is no 'Reply To' header in Annelida messages. 
Therefore replies by default go privately to the previous poster. This can 
make for a quiet list. Not a good thing.  My view of lists is that if I have to 
'suffer' the question in my mail I should be 'rewarded' with a reply too.  Also 
as moderator I may step in with an attempt at a reply if there is apparently 
none forthcoming. If  you're knowledgeable on the subject then please 
reply to the list. Then we all benefit.  

Thanks, & thanks to those who read 2, 3, & 4, but are model net citizens 
already ;-)  

Regards to all,

  Geoff Read < at>
  Annelida moderator

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