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Barrie Jamieson bjamieson at zoology.uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 4 18:25:39 EST 2001

Dear Annelidans,

In reply to Dr. Yamamuro, I have been sequencing oligochaetes for 
nuclear and mtDNA for some years and I find that 80% ethanol gives good 
results and surprisingly good preservation of the specimen provided the 
volume/specimen ratio is high (preferably with a change after 15 min to 1 
h). My comments would probably not apply, however, if one wanted good 
histological fixation.  

I understand, too, that ethanol is a poor 'fixative' for polychaetes - but 
perhaps OK at the higher concentration and volume ratio?  

I have no idea of the utility of Neo-fix for DNA. If it contains aldehydes it 
would, of course, be inappropriate but it is said to be alcohol based. 

Regards, Barrie Jamieson  

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