Specialist for marine Turbellaria?

Serge Yu. Utevsky Serge.Yu.Utevsky at univer.kharkov.ua
Fri Jun 15 15:41:55 EST 2001

Dear Helmut,

I know a specialist in marine Turbellaria. I mean Prof. G.V.V. Murina, 
Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, Sevastopol, Ukraine. I have her e-
mail     "Murina Vanzetti" <murina at ibss.iuf.net>, but I do not know 
whether it works. If you need more information, please let me know.  

Dr. Serge Yu. Utevsky
Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology 
Kharkov National University 
Kharkov 61077 

<Serge.Yu.Utevsky at univer.kharkov.ua> 

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