A simple little question

Harry A. ten Hove hove at science.uva.nl
Tue Jun 19 05:53:59 EST 2001

Dear polychaetologists,

One of our former assistants (in malacology) has been sending me (parts of)
an internet discussion about tubeworms on living cone-shells, sand-dwelling
snails that are burrowing and thus maybe not the most ideal site for
epibionts. Since the only indication given was "tubeworms", I even could
not decide which family was being discussed. The item below makes it clear
that some at least were discussing serpulids.

The discussion, however, apparently started with quite a different
question, which I pasted below. I would say Polydora or the like, but no
doubt there is more knowledge amongst you. It may be a chance to strike a
whole new source of material (which I, for serpulids, for the time being
let pass).

>>Reply-To: Conchologists of America List <CONCH-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
>>From: Ross Mayhew <rmayhew at NS.SYMPATICO.CA>
>>Subject:      A simple little question
>>I will try again (i really hate being ignored!!): Do worms often burrow
>>into living cones (as opposed to simply living on them and leaving a
>>calcareus test)?  The worm-trace with critters that burrow into shells
>>leave, is usually black and visible through the shell.  Surely lots of
>>Conchlers that live in or have visited tropical climes have the answer
>>in their storehouses of Shell Lore?
>>From the Great Warm North (37 here last Friday!!!);

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