A family's good name in jeopardy (homonymy)

JAMES BLAKE jablake at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 27 19:05:06 EST 2001


This problem has already been resolved by Pettibone (1989: Smithsonian
Contributions to Zoology, No. 464).  In my chapter on Acoetidae in Taxonomic
Atlas of the Santa Maria Basin.... Vol. 5...1995, I make the following

"The species of Acoetidae have been included in virtually every scale worm 
family at one time or another. In most recent keys or monographs, 
including Hartman (1968), species of this group have been included in the 
Polyodontidae.  Pettibone (1989), however, points out that that the 
Acoetidae Kinberg, 1856, based on Acoetides Audouin and Milne-
Edwards, 1832 has priority because the family name Polyodontidae 
Augener, 1918, based on Polyodontes Renieri in Blainville, 1828, is 
preoccupied in Fishes by Polyodontidae Bonaparte, 1837, that is based on 
the genus Polyodon Schneider, 1801."  

Jim Blake

Torleif Holthe wrote:

> Yesterday one of our technicians came to me and asked if a worm and a fish
> family could share the same name.
> The name in question was Polyodontidae, which he had found both in the
> collections as scale-worms and in my Norwegian text-book on systematic
> zoology as paddlefishes.

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