FW: Update World Taxonomist Database

Petersen, Mary Elizabeth MEPetersen at zmuc.ku.dk
Wed Mar 14 16:08:07 EST 2001

Tuesday, 14 March 2001

Dear Annelidans,

Since a quick check of the database below showed that many countries 
with good polychaete taxonomists are not represented, I take the liberty of 
bringing this to your attention now. You do not need to be afraid you will be 
flooded with requests, but you will be available to serious colleagues who 
are not aware of PRO. Moreover, if you have Research Requests, these 
can be included under Comments to (hopefully) reach a wider audience.  

Also, if your PRO entry needs to be updated, please do so. I use this 
database a lot to try to put colleagues in touch with one another, but often 
the contact details are outdated and the person cannot be reached.  

Best regards,


Mary E. Petersen
Tel +45-35 32 10 67 - Fax +45-35 32 10 10
E-mail: mepetersen at zmuc.ku.dk

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From: 	Ruud Altenburg [mailto:ruud at eti.uva.nl] 
Sent:	14 marts 2001 10:33
Subject:	Update World Taxonomist Database

Dear taxonomist/specialist,

ETI would like to notify you that the World Taxonomist Database, in which 
you are registered, recently has been improved. The following 
enhancements have been made:  

1.	The former Name field has been split into two more logical First and 
Last Name fields, which means your search results will now be displayed in 
a standardized sort order.  

2.	We have added a Title field in which you can enter your scientific 

3.	In addition to the taxonomic groups, the comments left by the 
taxonomist/specialist are now also searched, which means you can also 
query terms like "behaviour".  

Because of these changes, we invite you to have a look at your entry, and 
to update/adjust it if necessary. Please enter your last name and full email 
address in the following form:  


and apply changes where necessary.

I would like to conclude this mail with a request. Currently already over 
2400 specialiasts are registered, but the more taxonomists are listed in the 
WTD, the more useful the database will be! Please forward this email to 
colleagues who haven't registered yet, so that they become aware of this 
free service, located at: http://www.eti.uva.nl/Database/WTD.html 

Thank you! Best regards, 
Ruud Altenburg 
ETI - Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification http://www.eti.uva.nl/  

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