Video or film footage of ragworm or similar polychaete predatio

Helmut Goerke hgoerke at AWI-Bremerhaven.DE
Wed Mar 28 05:16:36 EST 2001

At the IWF Goettingen (IWF Knowledge and Media), Germany   -   e-mail:  inf-goe at
the following films on feeding habits of ragworms are available:

C 1601 Feeding strategies of Nereis species.
C 1462 Commensalism of Nereis fucata.
E 2535 Nereis diversicolor (Polychaeta) ? Feeding habits.
E 1893 Nereis virens (Nereidae) ? Food intake.
E 1892 Nereis fucata (Nereidae) ? Commensalism: Feeding behaviour.

There are additional films available on locomotion and behaviour in

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