Forwarded request re. gene sequencing techniques

Sabine Cochrane Sabine.Cochrane at
Wed Mar 28 11:13:30 EST 2001


I write on behalf of a colleague, who is interested in contributing to gene 
sequencing of comon polychaetes from Norwegian waters. He is 
applying for some funding for this purpose and would like to make 
contact with workers who routinely do this.  

He is looking for pointers to specific guidelines on sampling and 
preservation requirements as well as storage demands/restrictions. If 
anyone is interested in sharing experiences, please contact him directly:  

Trond.Scotvold at

Trond Skotvold
Section manager
9296 Tromsoe

With many thanks in advance,

Sabine Cochrane
Coordinator: Biodiversity Group
Polar Environmental Centre
9296 Tromsø

Tlf: +47 777 50327
Fax: +47 777 50301
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