PRO - update of printed version of addresses

Geoff Read at
Tue May 8 19:30:15 EST 2001

Hello folks,

I've uploaded a new zip file of the printable version of the annelid 
researcher address list. It's in rich text format.

As usual let me know of any problems.

As usual what is in there or in the online files is whatever I'm asked to put 
in. No advisory, then no update, no new entry.  Ah, if possible please save 
the more trivial corrections till I'm in a very good mood - (I'll let you know 
when ;-)), but if you change IMPORTANT things such as your only e-mail 
address and your place of work then it's best to let me know ASAP.  (Don't 
forget to unsubscribe old e-mail addresses from Annelida list before you 
lose access to them.) Thanks.        

  Geoff Read < at>

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