Inner Mongolian desert polychaete

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Re Geoff's comments on Inner Mongolian desert polychaetes and Helmut's 
note re Gerardia:  

I still can't answer Geoff's question, but in case anyone is interested, the 
genus name Armandia Filippi, 1861 (Opheliidae) was later used for a 
butterfly of the family Papilionidae. The replacement name Bhutanitis 
Atkinson, 1873 took care of the problem, but when searching for the 
polychaete genus Armandia on Webspirs, which at most goes back to the 
early 1970s, in the period 1993-1998 I found 7 instances of a polychaete 
species of Armandia being classified by BIOSIS as a Lepidoptera! In 4 of 
the references Armandia was clearly defined as a polychaete in the title or 
abstract and in the other 3 there was an indication that the paper dealt with 
marine invertebrates or marine sediments, not a likely category or habitat 
for a butterfly, especially when the name had (in 1993) been replaced a 
century ago!  

In the same search, the author of a paper treating a species of Armandia 
from Mactan Island, Cebu was claimed to have the following _address_: 

I'd like to see the post office deliver a reprint request there!


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Thought I'd share this with you. In the indexing world of BIOSIS the 
Mongolian desert has a polychaete fauna.  

BIOSIS has sent me a citation for Sabina vulgaris as a polychaete. Sabina 
vulgaris seems to be a shrub which shares its genus name with a name 
once used for a sabellid genus. [...]

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