Paramphinome species

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Mon Oct 1 22:07:55 EST 2001

Aloha All,

I am trying to find any information on the species of Paramphinome 
especially detailed descriptions and drawings.  I have been able to count 
about 5 recorded species and was wondering if there has been any more 
current records or new species described.  Especially helpful would be a 
description of Paramphinome jeffreysii since I have not been able to find 
one in our library.  If anyone is working on this particular genus and is 
willing to provide any information it would be greatly appreciated.  I am 
trying to determine what species we are seeing in our samples here on 

Thank you very much.

Jenny Dreyer

The Wormlab
Dr. Julie Brock, Professor
Department of Zoology
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI 96822


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