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Sun Oct 21 16:47:41 EST 2001

Dear colleagues,

I just had the delightful surprize of a note (via Temir Britayev) from Raisa 
Levenstein. She had received news of the polychaete conference in 
Iceland from Temir, and writes, in part:  

"I am especially glad, that somebody still remembers me and that I was 
elected honorary member of the Polychaetological Association. Temir 
promised to write about the conference in more details for Russian 
Zoological journal and I am waiting for this report, since I am still 
interested in the activities in the polychaete "world" and my friends."  

She writes further that her health is not so good, but that when she feels 
sad, she remembers times together with polychaete colleagues and feels 
much better. I'm sure Temir [temir at] would be happy 
to print out and forward any e-mail greetings to Raisa or send a mailing 
address on request. Raisa was at the 1986 polychaete conference in 
Copenhagen, but unfortunately not at any of the other conferences. We 
had some very good discussions then and also earlier when the Russian 
research vessels visited Copenhagen.   

Raisa sends her greetings and best wishes, and so do I! 


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