Fishing _for_ worms

Leslie Harris lhharris at
Thu Sep 6 15:40:13 EST 2001

The type specimen of Sphaerodorum sphaerulifer Moore 1909 was taken 
from a deep-sea fishing line, although there is no information as to whether 
it was on the hook, the bait, or the line itself.  

I think glycerids are likely candidates to be bait-caught worms.   Long ago I 
went snorkeling to collect abalone for dinner.  Swimming back to camp, I 
noticed a large Glycera swimming after me.  It was after my bag of 
bleeding abalones, to be precise.  When I moved the bag back & forth the 
worm followed the bag's movements & would have burrowed into it if I 
hadn't caught him first.  


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