Polychaete reef impacts

Helmut Zibrowius Helmut.Zibrowius at com.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Sep 14 02:08:20 EST 2001

>August 2001 Marine
>Pollution Bulletin, page 674 for a brief discussion and photos of Serpula
>vermicularis reef impacts from dredging.

Photos etc. in this matter may be instructive (this information was welcome).

But my reply mainly concerns the excessive use of the term "reef" in
whatever context of clustering, encrusting etc. organisms, buildups in deep
water etc. This is a general remark on a very general tendency.

In the forests, in automn, on rotten wood, I occasionally see clusters of
mushrooms. I expect that these will also end up in being called mushroom

It took paleontologists several generations to understand that mass
occurrrences or buildups of "corals" (sensu lato) not necessarily represent
coral reefs as we know them from the present in shallow tropical waters.
Presently, we observe big bounds backward: the term reef is used in
whatever context.

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