Serpula reefs

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I am glad my article has created discussion and may increase interest in 
these rare reefs.I agree with some of the commments that the term reef 
can be over used.However in this case the polychaetes do form reefs as 
defined by many definitions of the term reef. Reefs are not confined to 
simply corals. They are carbonate - based organism  and form reefs up 
to a couple of metres high and several metres long which may not be 
clear in the picture.These reefs when mature 'collapse' but remain alive 
and allows for further upward extension by new recruitment.They survive 
for many years, presently we are measuring growth of the reef from 
settlement but the more mature reefs are likely to be over 20 years old. In 
addition,  the complex nature of these reefs provides a habitat for literally 
, hundreds of different species. I'm still identifying species months down 
the line all taxonomic volunteers welcome!!. However if anyone has any  
further suggests i am interested to hear them.  

Nicola Chapman (PhD candidate)  

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