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For all those who are taxonomists and want to help to disseminate 
taxonomic information:  

New opportunity to PUBLISH TAXONOMY ONLINE! To disseminate 
taxonomic information world-wide, especially for countries/institutes with 
poor libraries, publication via the internet is the ideal medium. Taxonomic 
information is needed everywhere, and we hope that in future much of it 
will be available in any place of this planet wherever a PC is connected to 
the internet. To achieve this goal  a new journal was founded that uses a 
normal peer-review system but publishes both electronically and on paper. 
Organisms, Diversity and Evolution is published by the Gesellschaft für 
Biologische Systematik (GfBS) (Society for Systematic Biology) and the 
Urban & Fischer Verlag. The Journal consists of a printed version and an 
electronic supplement. It is devoted to the understanding of organismal 
diversity and addresses an international audience. Purely taxonomic 
papers are  published in the electronic supplement by GfBS. Extended 
abstracts of these publications will be contained in the printed         
Journal. The electronic supplement will be available free of charge on the 
internet independent of the printed Journal to everybody interested. 
Examples: see http://www.senckenberg.uni-  

To fulfill the rules of taxonomic nomenclature (botany/ zoology) diagnoses 
appear in the printed version and CDs are deposited in major libraries. 
Furthermore, a German institute responsible for the conservation of 
electronic data  (Deusche Bibliothek, Frankfurt) will take care of the 
electronic version to keep the format of stored information up to date.  

For further information see:

Prof. Dr. J. W. Waegele
Lehrstuhl fuer Spezielle Zoologie 
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum
Universitaetsstr. 150
44780 Bochum

Tel.: 0234/32-24563
FAX: 0234/32-14114
email: Wolfgang.Waegele at

Association of Systematists (GfBS):

NEW JOURNAL FOR SYSTEMATICS: Organisms, Diversity and Evolution

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