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NOTE: This job is temporary, but there is a dangling carrot towards 
permanent.  It requires you to have an existing right to work in USA.  


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The following announcement describes a position available in Charleston,
South Carolina.  Please feel free to circulate it among colleauges and post it
where appropriate.


Invertebrate Zoologist/Systematist at the Assistant Marine Scientist level
in the newly established Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center


The Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center (SERTC) is located in the 
Marine Resources Research Institute at Fort Johnson, in Charleston, SC 
( The Institute is part of the
Marine Resources Division of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
Institute staff interact routinely and extensively with staff at other
educational and research facilities in the Fort Johnson complex, including The
University of Charleston's Grice Marine Laboratory, NOAA's Center for Coastal
Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research, the National Institute of
Standards and Technology, the Medical University of South Carolina's Marine
Biomedical Program, and the Hollings Marine Laboratory.  The successful
applicant may apply for an adjunct faculty appointment in the Graduate Program
in Marine Biology at the University of Charleston.  

The Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center is being established to 
provide a regional focus for developing taxonomic expertise and skills, and the
infrastructure to support the taxonomic endeavors of the scientific community in
the southeastern United States.  The Center will serve as a training facility, a
specimen repository, and a venue for a taxonomic library and searchable database
of catalogued specimens and taxonomic literature. 
 The primary goal of the Center is to become a locus of information 
resources that will benefit regional scientists, students, regulators, private
businesses and the public.  A more detailed explanation of the initial
objectives of the Center and a description of the facilities at Fort Johnson is
available at  

Job Description and Duties:

Under supervision of the Principle Investigator, the successful applicant will
direct the daily operations of the Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center and
oversee systematic components of the SERTC, in conjunction with other staff and
outside subcontractors.  The employee will coordinate activities of the Center
to ensure the completion of project objectives, manage project expenditures,
assist in development of taxonomic programs, prepare reports on project
accomplishments, and develop funding proposals for the SERTC.  The employee will
participate in education and outreach activities, serve as the Center's contact
for visiting scientists, and supervise training of curatorial assistants or
student research assistants. The employee will represent the Center and promote
its activities among staff of institutions, universities, and museums throughout
the region.  

In addition to project management duties, the employee will conduct and 
supervise routine collection management and curatorial duties, including the
acquisition, identification, and care of specimens; maintenance of a database of
catalogued specimens; tracking of loaned material; and development of a
taxonomic reprint collection and literature database. Taxonomic or systematic
research and publication is expected to constitute approximately 15-20% of the
employee's assigned duties.  

Qualifications and Experience:

A PhD. in marine biology or related field, with expertise in marine or estuarine
invertebrate systematics and taxonomy, is required.  Familiarity with the fauna
of the western north Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico is preferred, as is an emphasis
on taxonomic skill with one or more of the following taxa: annelids, mollusks,
echinoderms, or crustaceans (however, candidates specializing in other marine or
estuarine taxa from other geographic regions are also encouraged to apply). The
candidate must possess and maintain a record of peer-reviewed scientific
publication.  One to three years of post-doctoral employment in taxonomic
research and/or biological collection curation and management is desired, along
with some knowledge of bioinformatics. Previous employment should demonstrate a
high level of interpersonal and supervisory skills, sound professional
judgement, good written and oral communication skills, and the ability to
cooperate with other scientists and technical staff.  Computer skills should
include familiarity with PC-based computers and Microsoft Office software
(particularly MS ACCESS), collection management software, statistical and
scientific graphing software, and standard Internet browsing and email
management software.  Some familiarity with web-page development is desirable. 
The candidate must be able to qualify to receive a SC driver's license, and
should be able to operate an outboard motorboat, including trailer transport,
for field collection activities.  Fluency in English is a requirement.  


This is a federally funded (10/1/01 to 9/30/03), full-time position.  It is a
temporary grant position, and employment beyond the stated grant period is
contingent upon satisfactory performance and future funding approval. Salary
range is $40-45K, depending upon level of qualification and experience. Benefits
include health and dental insurance and the option to participate in the SC
State Retirement System and deferred compensation plans.

Anticipated Starting Date:

Contingent upon receipt of suitable applications, the position will be
filled as soon as possible, but no later than July 31, 2002

To Apply:

For full consideration, the items listed below should be submitted to the
following address no later than May 31, 2002:

            Office of Human Resources

            South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

            P.O. Box 12559

            Charleston, SC  29422-2559

            (843) 762-5021     fax (843) 762-5001

1)     a cover letter that includes a statement of research interests and
career goals

2)     a Curriculum Vitae

3)     three professional letters of recommendation that include current
contact information for the sources

4)     a completed State Application (applications are available online at ; indicate on the application form
that the position applied for is the "Assistant Marine Scientist with SERTC" ;
do not submit the application by email, rather send it, along with first three
listed items, to the above address)

Contact Information:

For additional information regarding application for this position, contact:

Dr. Elizabeth L. Wenner

Marine Resources Research Institute

P.O. Box 12559-2559

Charleston, SC  29422-2559

(843) 762-5050   email wennere at

All applicants must be legally authorized to work in the USA.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is an EEO/AA 
employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion,
sex, national origin, disability, or age.  Direct all inquiries to the Office of
Human Resources, P.O. Box 167, Columbia, SC  29202  

Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center
Marine Resources Research Institute
PO Box 12559
Charleston,  SC 29422-2559
sertc at

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