Pinnotherid specimens needed

Greg Farley farley at
Mon Apr 22 14:59:57 EST 2002

Dear ANNELIDA readers:

As a part of my dissertation research, I want to build molecular phylogenies 
for several genera of pinnotherid crabs, which are all small, symbiotic crabs 
that reside with or on other metazoans.  Several of my target genera are 
symbiotic with polychaetes and other burrowing worms, and I hope that 
members of the ANNELIDA list might be able to help me in my search for 
specimens.  If any of you have, or can collect, members of those genera for 
me, or if you know someone who might be able to help, I'd be eternally 
grateful.  I will happily trade local specimens (from any taxon available!), and 
I'd be happy to pay for packing materials, shipping or postage.  

My "wish list" of specimens I'd like to get is below.  Because I'm extracting 
DNA, they should be fixed in high-concentration (70%-100%) ethanol.  

Many, many thanks for your assistance!  Please feel free to forward this list 
to others who might be able to help.  

Best wishes,
Greg Farley
Department of Biological Science
The Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL  32306
farley at

          host organism

Pinnixa cylindrica
          Arenicola cristata
          MA to SC, W and NW Florida
Pinnixa eburna
          POLYCHAETES:  Arenicola pusilla, A. claparedii
          WA to British Columbia
Pinnixa franciscana
          SHRIMP:  Callianassa, Upogebia; also Urechis caupo,
          San Francisco to Newport, CA
Pinnixa longipes
          POLYCHAETES:  Pectinaria, Pista, Clymarella, Urechis
Pinnixa sayana
          free-living on sand, also occasionally with Arenicola
          MA to NC; W. Florida, Louisiana
Pinnixa schmitti
          BIVALVES:  Macoma secta, POLYCHAETES: Pista,
            Amphitrite;SHRIMP:Upogebia;also Echiura
          CA to Mazatlan, Mexico
Pinnixa tubicola
          POLYCHAETES:  Serpulidae, Amphitrite, Terebellidae
          AK to San Diego, CA

Apahnodactylus edmondsoni
          terebellid worm (Loimia medusa)

Tetrias scabripes
          bivalves, annelids
          Gulf of California

Scleroplax granulata
          Bivalves (Mya), ghost shrimps (Upogebia, Callianassa), worms
          British Columbia to Gulf of California

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