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Mon Aug 5 04:40:21 EST 2002

Dear all,

More than once, we talked about the same species of Namalycastis in the 
Japanese mailing-list <benthos> in May and July.  One of the Japanese 
annelid workers use this worm for the chemical analysis of globic protein 
and wanted to know its scientific name.  

A Japanese bait company has imported the 'super cordelle' worm from a 
French trading company since 1993 fall, at least I know.  At the 
beginning, this Japanese company contacted me if I knew the original 
locality of this species, from where the company would like to import 
directly more worms with lower cost.  The worm were  transported within 
a kind of materials, which was another question posed me by the 
company.  It was just a kind of wet reddish wood chip (I could have no 
more precise information).  The worm could keep in this wet state without 
seawater for more than 1 week.  On the other hand, it could survive only 
a couple of days in seawater.  

>From this experience, I sent some hint words to the company.  The worm 
is a species of the genus Namalycastis; The worm may be come from 
some wet land of a tropical area, such as old french colonies, like 
Vietnam or french Africa, but may not be marine nor from European 
area.  If Chris has a clear evidence on the original locality, please 
describe it.  If it is on a hearsay evidence from anybody, please recheck 

I can not understand well the hysterical Ken Ringle's news "Gone Fission: 
The 'nuclear' Worm".  On the other hand, I think that the worm are more 
safe than other imported annelid species in Japan in the viewpoint of 
invasion.  I am sure that it will not give a severe problem like the 
American large mouth bass now found from all Japanese main lands.  So 
I am sure that it is not the ''biggest, badest, pinkest'' polychaete known.  

Tomo Miura
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