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Questions about Ficopomatus enigmaticus and Neopomatus ushakovi

Toril Loennechen Moen toril.moen at vm.ntnu.no
Mon Dec 16 16:42:36 EST 2002

Dear Monica,

Ficopomatus enigmaticus and Neopomatus uschakovi are definitively two 
different taxa, as well documented by Drs. Harry ten Hove and Helmut 
Zibrowius. See ten Hove & Weerdenburg (1978) and Zibrowius (1973), 
as well as Hartmann-Schröder (1971). F. enigmaticus has a wide, 
disjunct subtropical/temperate distribution, while N. uschakovi is found in 
tropical areas. Indian and Indonesian material, material from north-
Australia and most African (except South-African and Moroccan) 
populations are Neopomatus uschakovi.  

In my PhD-project I study the world-wide population genetics of 
Ficopomatus enigmaticus in order to reveal the species' area of origin 
and dispersal routes, and I have information about a number of localities 
where it can be found. In Europe it is located in Denmark, the 
Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Spain, and into the 
Mediterranean through to Italy, and also into the Black and Caspian Sea. 
If you write me an e-mail where you indicate which area you are 
interested in, I will try to help you out.  

Best regards,
Toril L Moen

Hove, H. A. t. and J. C. A. Weerdenburg (1978). "A generic revision of the 
brackish-water serpulid Ficopomatus Southern 1921 (Polychaeta: Serpulinae), 
including Mercierella Fauvel 1923, Sphaeropomatus Treadwell 1934, 
Mercierellopsis Rioja 1945 and Neopomatus Pillai 1960." Biological 
Bulletin. Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole 154: 96-120.

Zibrowius, H. (1973). "Serpulidae (Annelida Polychaeta) des côtes ouest de 
l'Afrique et des Archipels Voisins." Annales Musee Royal de l'Afrique 
Centrale 207: 1-93.

Hartmann-Schröder, G. (1971). "Zur Unterscheidung von Neopomatus Pillai und 
Mercierella Fauvel (Serpulidae, Polychaeta). (Mit neuen Beiträgen zur 
Kenntnis der Ökologie und der Röhrenform von Mercierella enigmatica 
Fauvel)." Mitteilungen aus dem Hamburgischen zoologischen Museum und 
Institut 67: 7-27.

At 00:35 14.12.2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. G. Read
>A collegue of mine working on Annelidae in Blanes/Spain has sent me
>your e-mail adress advicing me kindly to write to you concerning several
>questions about Ficopomatus enigmatus (Fauvel). In fact, we are at the
>beginning of a research programm on this serpulid which is filling up
>several of our lagoons here in South France and causes a lot of
>problems for local people.
>My two questions concern first a systematic problem: I read in some
>older literature that scientists working on these serpulids confused two
>species Ficopomatus enigmaticus (former Mercierella enigmaticus) and
>Neopomatus ushakovi (Pillai), considering them as one and the same
>species. Do you know or anyone of your collegues if new systematics
>confirm today that Ficopomatus enigmaticus and Neopomatus ushakovi
>are two species??
>My second question concerns the distribution of Ficopomatus
>enigmaticus in European waters in general and in the Mediterranean in
>particular. Do you or your collegues know about actual distribution of F.
>engigmaticus in Europe and if any scientists are actually working on this
>species in the Mediterranean (in Spain, Italy or elsewhere)?
>I am very greatful for all possible help and look forward hearing from you
>with very best wishes,
>Dr. Monica Müller
>Centre d'Etudes Hydrobiologiques/ Perpignan France

Toril Loennechen Moen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Museum of Natural History and Archaeology
Department of Natural History
Erling Skakkes gate 47a
phone: +47 7359 2287
fax: +47 7359 2295
e-mail:  toril.moen at vm.ntnu.no

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