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Thu Feb 21 14:23:41 EST 2002

Geoff said:

> When Sergio wrote that back in January I was going to comment along the
> lines that we must all try to make our publications freely available on
> the internet - it's called "self-archiving", and of course some list
> members have done it already (a massive namanereid review comes to mind
> :-)). 

Reasons for doing this abound. (Sheer laziness for photocopying may be 
the one that prompted me :). Useless as it is now (for it is very badly 
outdated), this long OOP catalog is still on demand. Thus, I put it on my 
permanent web, freely downloadable:  

Iberian Literature on Polychaeta. Database and Catalog of Species. Publ. 
Biol Univ. Navarra, Ser. Zool., 16. 176 pp. 



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