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Thu Feb 21 20:15:37 EST 2002

I fully agree with Geoff.

In the case of the namanereid papers that Geoff referred to (and helped 
put on the Web!),  I undertook an agreement with the publisher (Australian 
Museum Scientific Publications) allowing me to put the papers on the 
Annelid Resouces Web site where they could be "copied and distributed in 
the same manner that you would distribute reprints (i.e. free of charge)". 
The Australian Museum retained copyright. The total cost for the electronic 
papers (and 20 free paper copies), was less than half of what it would have 
cost me for 100 reprints including postage. I would guess that many 
publishers would enter into such an arrangement if asked (persuaded!). 
Desktop publishing  practices these days make it very easy to run off a pdf 
copy for the Web.   


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