Historical of the study of polychaetes

Victor Surugiu vsurugiu at uaic.ro
Thu Jan 3 14:38:57 EST 2002

I write to you because I am looking for some references concerning 
review of the state of knowledge of polychaetes along the time, starting 
with ancient greeks or romans (Aristotle, Plinius etc.) to nowadays. I am 
currently working on my PhD thesis regarding polychaetes from 
Roumanian coast of the Black Sea. So those references will be of great 
help for introductory part of my doctoral thesis.   

With anticipated thanks,

sincerely yours

Asist. Victor Surugiu
Universitatea "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi
Facultatea de Biologie
B-dul Carol I, nr. 20 A
6600 Iasi
e-mail: vsurugiu at uaic.ro

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