New Marine Science Portal

Hans Hillewaert hans.hillewaert at
Mon Jan 7 20:19:03 EST 2002

With pleasure (and some pride) we announce the birth of a new Marine 
Sciences Portal for the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.  

The eSeFDee Marine Sciences Portal has links to:

The websites of over 300 international organisations, management bodies, 
research institutes, information centres and data centres, whose field of 
operation includes the North Atlantic and/or the Mediterranean, or parts 
thereof. These sites are grouped by patronising organisation (e.g. 
European Commission, United Nations) or by country. Major 
oceanography and marine science portals. Taxonomical websites and 
databases of particular relevance to the North Atlantic and/or the 
Mediterranean. Key documents on (marine) biota, the (marine) 
environment, living marine resources and related issues. Online marine 
scientific journals. If you know of any website that might be worth including 
in the eSeFDee Marine Sciences Portal, or if you want to report a broken 
link, then please contact our webmaster.  

The Portal can be found at


Hans Hillewaert and Frank Redant
Biologists at DvZ

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