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Wed Jan 16 17:51:17 EST 2002

Dear polychaetologists,

Best wishes for 2002: Peace, Health, Love, Job, and Happiness!

Because of limited subscriptions in most Mexican libraries, we have a 
chronic lack of connections with recent publications. Certainly, this is not 
exclusive of polychaetes, but it may become a major problem if one is 
trying to make first class taxonomical publications or if one is trying to 
promote the development of more taxonomists in the group. In any case, 
there may be a lag to update current knowledge and that task becomes 
very elusive if funding is scarce.  

There are currently some 10 excellent, hard-working students 
(undergraduate to PhD) in my lab, and in spite of this succesful 
recruitment, we have a delayed access to recent publications. It has been 
solved during the visits to Museums when we can parasite our colleagues' 
funds, and make photocopies there. It solves some problems but cannot be 
sustained in a longer term because of limited funding for our trips.  

Therefore, I beg you to mail us your recent publications dealing mainly with 
 taxonomic/faunistic issues. If your funding is scarce, your help could be 
solved by putting them together in a single package and sent once a year. 
You must be sure that we will make a right use of your publicatons (we 
even help other colleagues in Mexico and Latin America), and that we will 
compensate by sending our reprints.  

In case you need another opinion, please ask Angel de León, Fredrik 
Pleijel, Kirk Fitzhugh, Kristian Fauchald, Leslie Harris, Lobo Orensanz, and 
Guillermo San Martín. They have been visiting us and could provide more 
data on these enthusiastic students.  

Thanks for your help,

Sergio I. Salazar-Vallejo
Depto. Ecología Acuática
ECOSUR, Apdo. Postal 424
Chetumal, Q. Roo 77000

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